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'Where Did All the Rhinos Go?'

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Rhinos Unisex Kids Tee

We have partnered with sustainable clothing company, Unsecured Clothing, to make this LIMITED EDITION kids tee. It's the perfect gift the the young conservationist in your life!


Rhinos Eco-Tote Bag

Display your love for the planet and its amazing creatures with this one-of-a-kind eco tote featuring Kelly’s beautiful illustration surrounded by Lara’s important question.


'When the World Went Quiet'

'When the World Went Quiet' is the book that inspired the organization. Written at the start of the global pandemic, this beloved children's book captured the true stories from around the world of animals exploring what were previously 'human' spaces.

Inspired by the children's book, the facilitator's workbook is an invitation for children to better understand how they can be a part of nature, instead of apart from nature. This 4-week curriculum is free to anyone who wishes to create change in their community.

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C4K Advisory Board

The Conservation4Kids Advisory Board is a collective of conservationists, educators, program facilitators, and activists who are passionate about the environment, education, and creating a better world. We work together to create meaningful content—in the form of free curriculums—inspired by our conservation-themed children's books.

On a personal note, we want to thank you for your interest in our work and, more importantly, in helping our planet!

Current Board Members: Ariadna Atkins, Mira Bieler, Jess Cleeves, Martina Faulkner, Lara Jackson, Winter Murray, Joanna Quargnali-Linsley, Kelly Ulrich